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What is Maiar ?

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What is Maiar?

The sentence "What is Maiar" written on a blue background with the Maiar wordmark

Maiar is an advanced wallet and worldwide installments application that permits you to trade and safely store cash on your cell phone. You can utilize Maiar to send and get cash close right away, to and from anybody around the planet simply by utilizing a telephone number or herotag.

Which countries will Maiar be available in?

Maiar will be accessible in all nations around the planet, aside from those with explicit limitations to cryptographic forms of money.

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What do i need to get started?

At the point when Maiar is free, you will require only a cell phone with a sim, running on iOS or Android. Since Maiar is a non-custodial computerized wallet, no confirmation is needed in any country as of now.

What is Elrond? And what can i do with Elrond Gold?

Elrond is a web scale blockchain for quick, secure computerized installments. Elrond Gold (EGLD) is the local money of the Elrond blockchain, that you can send, spend and stake utilizing Maiar.

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How much does Maiar cost to use?

Maiar is allowed to download and utilize, the Elrond network, be that as it may, has negligible charges (as low as $0.001 per exchange) related with installments to help security and speed of exchanges. Maiar will in every case plainly show any expenses charged so there are no curve balls or shrouded costs.

What are the digital currencies supported by Maiar?

At first, Maiar will uphold Elrond Gold (EGLD), Elrond (Erd ERC20 and Erd BEP2), Binance (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH). Over the long run, Maiar plans to help extra computerized monetary forms, as BTC and others.

How secure is Maiar?

Maiar protects your assets and data using cutting edge encryption and verification techniques to ensure they're securely stored. In the event where your phone is lost or stolen, your private key (recovery phrase) can be safely used to recover your funds.

The sentence "Download Maiar app" written on a blue background

Refer and earn

Earn 100% of Maiar commission every time your friends buy eGold and 50% for other crypto.

Your friends get 10$ in eGold on their first purchase of 200 USD of eGold.

To get these $10, you can use my code: e8ofxbojup

The sentence "What is Maiar?" written on a blue background with the Maiar logo

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